How to know when Chrome console is open

tl;dr; Although it’s not supposed to be supported – it’s possible to know whether the Chrome console is opened or not. Check it out. Reddit discussion. … Ever wondered if it’s possible to tell whether the browser’s Development-Tools are opened or not. Apparently it’s not possible »

John Smith’s younger brother, Adam

*Update: *Youtube has revived my video. you can now watch Webcam Clickjacking as much as you like. — Remember ClickJacking? The generic flaw in web browsers and HTML. Remember Webcam Clickjacking? My PoC showing how this flaw can be used to take control over a victim webcam and mic. Well, my »

Now the world is gone, Nexus one

My Nexus has finally reached it’s final destination. It travel all over the US and some other countries switched 5 hands, before ending at it’s new home, and into my arms 🙂 It was a lengthy and cumbersome process for one to order a Nexus one. I wouldn’t »