Tracking an Anonymous Peer Using WebRTC

It's was about a year ago, someone in my rather big office (100~200 people) started to send annoying emails with cheesy phrases and images regarding the new year resolutions. These emails were sent from a made-up gmail account. I've realized that this will be a good opportunity to test »

Leeching Streaming Videos With Node.js X-ray and FFmpeg

In the last post I've mentioned the The 6th Annual International Cybersecurity Conference and the great videos it have. But, these videos are streamed with RTSP into a Flash video player (JW-Player) and it's not fun to watch it this way. It'll be much better to view it offline in »

Simple Server Polling in AngularJS Done Right

Plunker is here. Syncing with the server these days is much easier with libraries like and alike. But, even though there is no need to mess with insane black magic like Comet or Flash-Remoting... - Sometimes all you need is just a simple polling. In this example we'll »

Webcam spying with Chrome

tl;dr; Browsers doesn’t handle webcam permissions well enough. Users should be extremely wary about what’s going on in their browser. From a list of 30 bugs submitted to google regarding that issue, most have been fixed, but some are still alive. The most obvious bug which is »