Leeching an FTP with Python

TL;DR; This script will leech all the files from a folder in an FTP. It’s especially appropriate for dealing with enormous amount of files – hundreds of thousands or even millions. My FTP issues I have set up an IP security camera to save an image to my shared »

How to know when Chrome console is open

tl;dr; Although it’s not supposed to be supported – it’s possible to know whether the Chrome console is opened or not. Check it out. Reddit discussion. … Ever wondered if it’s possible to tell whether the browser’s Development-Tools are opened or not. Apparently it’s not possible »


This post was made public on 27.8.2015. It was previously disclosed privately to Google. More info: Webcam spying with Chrome ———————————————————————————————————– Clickjacking and Spoofing the Google Chrome Permission Bar is Too Damn Easy The permission bar in Chrome suffers from a list of bugs that can be combined in »