My blog jumped to a pagerank of 7

You probebly heard about googel’s last house cleaning. In short, google changed the way they give pagerank to websites, apparently it seems to be related to advertisements on the website.
I thought my blog stayed at the comfortable pagerank of 6 but, after checking and rechecking today it seems that my blog gets a PR of 7 again …WooHoo.

I say “again” because my blog had this rank before. Short time after I’ve started it, it jumped straight to 7. I believe the steep jump was due to my blog being linked from the MXNA which have a PR of 10, and Which back then had a PR of 9. hasn’t survived the last google change and was, sadly, dropped to a PR of 5.
After a few months without new posts, (and also because it didn’t deserved it, but don’t tell anyone 😉 ), my blog dropped to a, still impressive, PR-6. This was a lesson to not neglect your blog.

I know, I know google’s pagerank isn’t everything in life but it’s sure nice to have, at least until the next change.

Guy A

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