172 Flash Player versions

Would you believe me if I told you there are 172 different Flash Player versions out there, maybe not, but you would believe google-analytics, right?

Since the new impressive Flash Player 9 states were published (93%-94%). I went to check it on a high traffic website, one that measures in millions of visits each month. After summarizing all the versions above 9.0, it reach to a compatibility of 90%, which is still impressive for such a short time. What was also impressive is that according to google-analytics.com, users with a total of 172 different Flash Player versions visit the website since the beginning of 2007. When I check only the last month it sums up to a total of 88. Some of the versions are so bizar I don’t get who uses these, like the 2.0++, 9.0.21-d55-r47 and even 10.0, someone from adobe maybe 😉

Check out the last 11 versions from last month, it’s really weird:

Bizar Flash Player versions

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