MSDN Flash

If you go to download Microsoft Expression Interactive Designer beta (shorten that name plz !), you will probably stumble at the “MSDN Flash” banner. Actually the full banner text is “Register for MSDN Flash eNewsletter. So, did MS also discovered the Flash platform, and she is so excited, that she’s »

This old dog never cease to amaze me.

Macromedia Director has been declared dead and mourned over long before most of us switched to consuming solid food, but he always retained his strength as a fearsome hound. Even today, with the rising of Apollo and WPF this old dog doesn’t cease to amaze me. After we saw »

Life's a bitch

I was surprised to find that was blocked from my work computer. After some research I found that my system admin installed a new product from esafe. This product uses a ridiculous dictionary with thousands of words you never even heard of. Any site »