MSDN Flash

If you go to download Microsoft Expression Interactive Designer beta (shorten that name plz !), you will probably stumble at the “MSDN Flash” banner. Actually the full banner text is “Register for MSDN Flash eNewsletter.

MSDN Flash

So, did MS also discovered the Flash platform, and she is so excited, that she’s publishing an electronic-newsletter about it ? Or maybe it’s an upcoming merger between MS and Adobe ?! Or maybe a world peace ?. After clicking on the banner it all become clear “All of Microsoft’s Developer News in One E-mail”. Oh, so you meant News-Flash, you funny little Microsoft ;), are you tring to fool us there, you crazy you.

IMHO this is no coincidence. I’m not sure what’s MS want to achieve here, might be just to irritate Adobe or may be she wants that people that will search for “the new Flash” will find her Sparkle, hence also the url is – Well your Sparkle is very nice but it isn’t Flash.

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