Has my blog got hacked again?!

I was checking my email when all of a sudden I saw this email “New WordPress Blog”. I didn’t remembered adding, updating or doing anything with my blog. I thought about it yesterday though. Could it be that WordPress is so smart and read my mind.

Something was fishy, I’ve already experienced the fact the WP can be hack-able sometimes. I rushed to backup and remove the blog, before the hackers will start messing with me and my visitors.

I was already FTPing when it came to me, even if it was really hacked no need to rush about it, I’ll try to find out what happened.

And indeed google gave the quick answer that if the option database table get corrupted, somehow it gets, WP behave as a new install.  You only need to repair it from the phpMyAdmin, that’s it %)

Anyway it’s time to redo things in my blog, but without the rush.

The moral is always “google it” before you jump to any assumptions.

Guy A

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