Reliving your childhood through every browser

This is what fMAME is all about, it’s a MAME (Arcade Games Emulator) written in Flash that is running in every browser with no installation. I get enthusiastic remarks like “Wow I used to play this on the arcade” from most of the people I’ve sent the link to. For now, there’s no sound and only a handful of games are supported, but, it’ll surly improve in the future.

Of course I could have sent them the info of how to download and run the desktop MAME emulator and how to find roms for it. It’ll give them the same experience of traveling back in time. But, how many will bother to do that? Yes it’s simple but the common users want it to be very simple. They don’t want to be bothered with downloads and installation they want to follow a link and start the experience.

The second thing I hear from the people I’ve sent this link to, is, “how did they do that?!” then I need to explain that Flash isn’t just for Ajax like website it’s a complete platform that is only (mainly) stoppable by the creators imagination.

Did I mention it runs in every browser?! 😉

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