New Away3D Flash Molehill Video

This is a never seen before example of the upcoming version of Away3D engine taking advantage of the new 3D API of the upcoming Flash Player – code named Molehill.

This example and more, were presented by Lee Brimelow today in the FlashIsrael event and he said he just got these a few hours ago from Away3D devs, so chances are you never seen it before.

There were other impressive examples with even much more polygons and such. I’m sure we’ll get to play with all of it in a few weeks when the labs version of Molehill will be available along with the new Away3D engine – – Great!

It was great to finally be able to meet Lee and all the others. After years of reading Lee’s blogs and seeing him in videos, he seems like a truly funny, smart and nice dude… ah yeah… and tolerant for annoying people with cameras Winking smile — Thanx

Guy A

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