Flash Player 10.1 Global Error Handling Examples and the Flex 3.x Issue

We all welcomed this addition to the Flash Player 10.1. The ability to catch all exceptions inside the player has lots of benefits, from proper logging on to not annoying users that has the debug player.

There are some code examples of how to implement this feature, and indeed it was a breeze adding it for pure Flash and to Flex 4.x projects. But, somehow I had trouble making it work for Flex 3.x project. I know it’s a player dependent but still something in the Flex 3.x framework killed this functionality.

Anyhow, eventually it did worked for me on the Flex 3.x, but I couldn’t make it to work when even 1 of the libraries, except playerglobal.swc, is*external or RSL*. I guess there is no escape from monkeying with the RSL loader to see if I can find a solution there.

I’ve mad these examples available, in case you need a complete example and/or also struggling with this feature on Flex 3.x. Also, in these examples I didn’t force the user to update the Flash Player and used a compiler argument -target-player=10.1.0 instead of modifying the html wrapper.

All examples are viewable here, you can right-click on “View Source” or download the complete Flash Builder 4 projects (for Flex Builder 3 project, look at the comments).

GEH Pure Flash

GEH Flex 4.1

GEH Flex 3.5

Note: No need for the FP 10.1 playerglobal.swc to be inside *C:Program FilesAdobeAdobe Flash Builder 4sdks4.1.0frameworkslibsplayer10.1 *I’ve put it inside the libs folder.

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