So what is Flex then, again?!

With the release of the new Flash Builder 4 beta yesterday, it’s my chance, again, to congrat Adobe on the name change.

Yeah I know this is old news, Flex builder has been rebranded to Flash Builder. I just wanna join the people who welcomed it.
Flex sounded more serious then Flash so, it served it’s purpose as a marketing term for showing the maturity of the Flash platform. Confused already?!
I know a lot of people were and probably still are. Even seasoned Flash/Flex developers weren’t sure want is going on.
I’ve heard comments like – “Flex is what competing with SilverLight and not Flash.” Which is obviously wrong.

I really wonder why it’s so difficult to understand, it’s not that complicated. If you feel like you still don’t get it then, read this.

Of course some people think this change is a terrible mistake, these are mostly the people who the name Flex was meant to attract and will rather die in pain then to say they’re Flash developers. – You can still be a Flex developer, you know!
Some raise none important questions,  to say the least, like – will the new logo retain it’s colors? – yes it does, yes it does.

I mostly like the change because, it reduces the pain of trying to explain common people what is Flex.
– “There is the Flex Builder and the Flex framework.” Here you probably lost most of them already. And you end with – “but anyway everything is compiled into Flash.” – “Aha, so what is Flex then, again?!”

Here is a screencast about the name change that also showoff the new builder.

Anyway it’s time to get busy with the new toys:

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