Fun to play Flash Lite games at a mobile near you

Playyoo is about bringing the game experience we became used to get inside our browser, into our mobile devices. Simply direct your mobile phone to, to get instant fun. No need for any installations, no need to go through boring textual catalogs of games. All you need is a Flash Lite supported device, no matter which version.

Lately the playyoo game catalog grew considerably, since they opened their beta with only 13 Flash-Light games. The grew came partially because of the game creation contest that was recently closed, and the winners were announced today.

The wining game is Match the Blocks, an extremely simple and fun to play game that is very well suited to be played inside a mobile phone. The game is written in the widely supported  Flash Lite 1.1, so it’s likely to be pre-installed on your device.

Guy A

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