Too much focus will kill you

I’ve just came across of a way to kill the Flash player with a few lines of AS 2.0. I know of at least one other way of killing the Flash player along with it’s host, may it be the browser or the Flash IDE, but this was with the old 7th player, this time we’re talking about the latest 9th version. It’s a little awkward, and don’t ask me how I got it, but, it involves a MovieClip, a TextField, Selection, Macromedia’s Delegate, a filter, and a trace, yeah, it won’t work without a call to trace. I think the main trouble maker is the Selection.onSetFocus, but, I couldn’t recreate it without any of the above ingredients, and I have a feeling that AS2’s trace is also problematic in Flash Player 9. (You should anyway “Omit trace actions”, from the settings, when publishing swfs)

Focus Kills

I haven’t tried it, but, I doubt that it can be recreated with AS3 on the VM2, it’s the VM1 that we have to carry along for backward compatibility that causes all this trouble. I tested it on some different machines with different Flash players and so far it crushed them all, here is the list:

Ver: WIN 8,0,22,0 | Debug: true | OS: Windows XP
Ver: WIN 9,0,16,0 | Debug: true | OS: Windows XP
Ver: WIN 9,0,28,0 | Debug: false | OS: Windows XP
Ver: WIN 9,0,45,0 | Debug: false | OS: Windows XP
Ver: WIN 9,0,45,0 | Debug: false | OS: Windows (Server 2003)
Ver: WIN 9,0,45,0 | Debug: true | OS: Windows Vista
Ver: WIN 9,0,45,0 | Debug: false | OS: Windows Vista
Ver: WIN 9,0,47,0 | Debug: false | OS: Windows Vista
Ver: MAC 9,0,28,0 | Debug: false | OS: Mac OS 10.4.9

Copy this code into an empty FLA first frame, or download the source below to see how it goes.

var mc:MovieClip = this.createEmptyMovieClip("mc", 0); var tf:TextField = this.createTextField("tf", 1, 20, 20, 300, 100); tf.type = "input"; tf.border = true; tf.text = "Flash Player Varsion: " + System.capabilities.version + "nDebug Player: " + System.capabilities.isDebugger + "nOperating System: " + System.capabilities.os + "nnClick here or press the TAB key to kill Flash"; tf.onSetFocus = mx.utils.Delegate.create(this, glow); Selection.addListener(this); function onSetFocus(oldf:Object, newf:Object):Void{ Selection.setFocus(oldf); } function glow(){ mc.filters = [new flash.filters.BevelFilter()]; // any filter except BitmapFilter() trace(mc.filters); }

Download source files.

Try it (Warnning!!!, it may crash your browser)

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