Valve was hacked again

Valve, the maker of two of the best games of all time, Half-Life 2 and 1, was already hacked once in 2003. The source code of it’s highly anticipated and in-development game, Half-Life 2, was stolen and was then available for everyone on the web. Playable version started to emerge, and the company had to postpone the release for months, which cost them a lot of money and pain. You might have thought that they learned from the experience, but it seems that they might have been hacked again. This time no source code for you to peek in “only” sensitive data like users credit card numbers was stolen.

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The allegedly hacker, words…

At the moment there is no official confirmation of this, and personally I hope it isn’t true, I’d like Valve to use their time for delivering the next best games instead of having to deal with this.

Guy A

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