Tired of Ricki Lake?

Mr Paul Neave is not the next trash-TV host, he is a “serial Flash fettler and interactive designer”, or at least thats what he calls himself. He is a Flash experimentalist who creates fun and usefull Flash experiences. Few years back it was some high quality open source flash games, an improved version can be found here, sadly the source is not availble anymore. Then came the flash planetarium a cool and accurate way to examine the stars from within the browser. Last year it was flashearth which need no introduction.
And now, his latest experiment is neave.tv a cool replacement for your television. Based on video services like youtube and google video, the improvment is that you can lean back and enjoy the show in full sceen and without the need for you to do anything. Which mean you can be a couch potato again, only this time the shows are in much higher quality 😀
check it out, neave.tv

Guy A

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