Stop Wordpress comments spam with Akismet !

About 1.5 months ago my blog started to receive a relatively massive amount of comments spam. First I thought I will fight it manually on my own, but, after a few days it defeated me.
I went on a search for the best WordPress anti spam solution. After reading some reviews it looked like Akismet is a good one, so I started with it, to see if it’ll keep its promise. Indeed, in about 1.5 months Akismet has stopped 575 spam comments, and only 4 have passed through its defense. The 4 comments who infiltrated were very modest, with only 1 link in the name and with a non offensive looking URL. Akismet can stop most of these modest looking spam too.

Akismet is installed automatically on WordPress-2 and above, and it said to support WordPress-1.5.2 and above. But, a friend of mine has reported, from experience, that it can be used also in WordPress version 1.5.0 with minor limitation.

In order to activate Akismet you need a WordPress API Key. You can simply get an API Key by signing for an account at, get yourself a blog account like and you’ll be able to use the API Key you’ll get on any given WordPress blog, no matter where it’s hosted.

I just wonder, if my little humble blog gets 575 spam comments in 1.5 month, how much the big blogs get, 5750, or maybe 57,750 ?

Download Akismet.
Good luck with your war on spam.

Guy A

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