Easiest way to embed Flash inside Wordpress

I was embedding my Flash inside the WordPress posts with the html <object> tag. It was not only messy but also made it incompatible with the FireFox browser. My blog was completely unreadable in FireFox.

Luckily I stumbled across this WordPress plugin called “Kimili Flash Embed for WordPress” which make flash embedding as simple as writing this line:

[code][kml_flashembed movie=”&#157;movie.swf”&#157; width=”&#157;550″ height=”400″ /][/code]

Thats all that is needed to embed the flash movie.swf with width of 550 and height of 400.

The plugin is based on flashObject and as such it takes advantage of many of it’s features, listed here.

I found that if you embed the same flash twice in the same post, or the same flash in two different posts that show together in the same page you’ll only be able to see one of it, the first from above.

Guy A

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