Just Do It

I want a blog, but why?
What will I write about?
Macromedia Flash is one of my main interests these days, so should I make another flash blog?! there are already like a billion out there and some of it are unbelievably interesting. These questions and more, I wont tire you with, are flooding my mind as I come to write my first blog post. I thought that the WordPress installation will take some significant time and so I’ll have time to think about what to post, but after a minute I was staring at my fully functional blog. It’s still in its default design and that’s also an excuse, first I’ll finish my original design and then I’ll start posting…
Then I came to my sensses and I indulged myself with one of the greatest marketing phrases of all time. Whenever someone come to me and say she whants to do something but she first need to: lose some weight, get an haircut, finish school, finish college, get married, find a job, lose the job, get a cat, just sleep for a while, wait for the kids to leave the house, wait for the born baby, etc. whenever it’s obvious there is not a rational reason to not do it beside our hesitant human nature. I tell her to cut the cr*p and “just do it”. As you know advices are much easier to give then to take. But this time I managed to take my own advice and I “just did it”. So here it is, my first blog post. hopefuly more will come.

I always give credit to Nike for the phrase, like someone don’t know it’s theirs. These days, thanks to the mighty google I can give credit to the individual who claimed it, his name is Dan Wieden.

I also came across this amazing “Just Do It” commercial it’s from last year but I never saw it before.

Guy A

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