Lose when you’re better

Microsoft was always used to win with inferior products. Windows was inferior to the Mac OS for many years and yet it dominated the market. Internet Explorer, the infamous browser, was the best browser for a few seconds in history when it triumphed over Netscape when both were at version 4. We still feel the stagnation it created since than being the most inferior browser ever since.

Lately Microsoft started to create better products and yet instead of winning they fail. Silverlight is better than Flash & Flex and yet it lost to it not being able to gain any significant market share (Flash is better than HTML5 but lost to it as well, but that’s a different story).

What worries me a bit now is that the truly impressive Windows 7 mobile won’t be able to gain any significance market share. Not yet saying that it’s better than the iOS (iPhone) and/or Android, but it is an impressive OS that didn’t just copy the concepts of the other two. It’ll be interesting to see what will come out of it.


  • Mark Fuqua

    Market share and time to market both matter…that is how Microsoft won the OS and browser wars…it is how they may end up losing the smart phone, tablet and second OS war. It will be interesting to see how Windows 8 does, it will be Microsoft’s last great hope…integrated OS for smart phone, tablet and desktop. Very likely to trump what Android offers and is the direction Apple is moving as it merges iOS and Mac OS.

    Interesting times…I do hope Apple is not the last man standing…they are too monolithic and arrogant. They are worse than Microsoft ever was and they have the “cool” label, which lets them get away with behavior Microsoft never could.

  • guya

    Thanx for the comment Mark, you got some good points in there.

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